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My granddaughter, Izabel Estrin, found a mission for her life in her first year of college. Izabel was born with no right hand and half a right foot. At Tisch she sharpened her acting skills and saw more deeply into the world of theater. She saw how she could make an impact for body diversity and disability representation on stage -not just for herself, but for everyone.

I hope you will watch Izabel tell her story in her own words in her video.

As her grandmother, I see how everything Izabel learned in her first year at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts pointed to a path of making meaning of all she brings to the theater. She wants to study more acting and move in choreography for different bodies; she wants to direct adaptive and accessible plays. All that is in her way is money.

Izabel has grown so much, from the shy young girl feeling "othered" by schoolmates and strangers, with deep doubts in herself, into a young woman strong in her identity as a capable and creative individual. What is more, she has developed a worthy, larger vision that includes others who have faced, and will face, similar challenges without a strong role model and advocate.

Her first year was paid for with financial help from the school and from me and other family and friends. This year, while the school is offering some support, I cannot. I lost my partner, Dana, to Lewy Body dementia, recently and the financial toll has made it impossible for me to help. Dana and I have given and received a great deal as Unitarian Universalists over many years, not the least of which is an appreciation for the generous spirits of UUs. As a member of this movement, this faith, and our shared commitment to support programs and people who seek to make a real difference in our communities, I wanted to reach out to you now. It is a compassion issue. It's a justice issue.It's an opportunity to be part of a special young woman's unfolding

Please be as generous as you can. Help Izabel continue in school and build a space for people with disabilities and different abilities to thrive in the world of theater.The possibilities .are great and so is the financial cost. Please. And thank you in advance!

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