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Native of Lyon, France, I moved to Louisiana in 2000, I studied American history and culture, became a US citizen , while working in French Immersion schools in Lafayette, Louisiana, and obtained my certification as a teacher after graduating from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.
I realized a lifelong dream to enlighten my students with the French language and culture and, as a result, opening up my student’s minds to expand their world view and possibly their lives.
In 2013, I moved to Opelousas, St Landry Parish, where I am teaching Science and Social Studies at Park Vista Elementary school in Opelousas, LA.
I have been an advocate for bullied students for several years, working to bring awareness to bullying prevention month, which is October. I share my vision for 100% bully-free, safe learning in schools: on local TV open channels and as a speaker for different local events.
In 2014-15, I was a board member for Equality Louisiana-EQLA. I tackled cases of bullying in the public schools and champion the civil rights of the minorities and LGBT community. As a single mother of a lesbian daughter, I experienced homophobia first hand.
From 2010 to 2017, I volunteer for St Landry Parish Animal Rescue.
I have been an educator for 18 yrs in Louisiana, and a civil rights activist.
I became a volunteer and board member of the Rural African American Museum that opened his doors in November 2018.

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