Creating Images for Faithify Campaigns

Some Tips on Creating Images for Your Campaign

Every Campaign MUST have a Featured Image

The featured image is the image that shows on your campaign page. It is the most prominent part of the page, and can help your backers get a sense of what your project is all about. Choose an image that evokes emotion, gives information, or tells a story.

The featured image should be landscape orientation (longer on the horizontal edge.) Our website will accept image files up to 2MB. If you get an error message about the file being too big, then resize the image and try again with a smaller file.


Important– if you are using a video, the featured image will have an “Play Video” icon in the center when viewed on the campaign page, to let people know there is a video to play. See the example below from The Mountain’s Many Hands Peace Farm campaign page.


Here’s a great example  of a featured image from the Church of the Larger Fellowship that works well on both the campaign page and Faithify’s home page. Notice how they have centered text and put the image of the reader in the middle of the image:

A tool for you

If you don’t have access to Photoshop or other photo editing software, we recommend using an free online tool like Canva. Canva is simple to use and has good support pages to help teach you how add text or do other editing techniques. You can use our template in Canva to create your Faithify featured image.


Images in the Long Description

Entice more followers, sharers, and funders by using punchy, colorful, high-resolution photos. You can add as many images as you like to your Long Description.

  • The image file must be less than 2MB to upload through the Media Library.
  • Images can be aligned to the left, center or right and/or in relationship to text using the editing toolbar at the top of the Long Description field box.
  • Users are not able to delete images from their Media Library at this time.


Remember – If you are feeling overwhelmed or frustrated please reach out for help! We want you to have a great looking campaign page.