Connecting to Stripe in 3 Steps

Connecting a Stripe Account is mandatory for launching a campaign on FAITHIFY. Here’s how to do it:

1. Create a FAITHIFY account

(if you have done this, skip to step 2)

Campaigns on FAITHIFY are linked to one user account. Register for a user account in the name of the congregation/organization/individual responsible for the project with the email address from which you would like receive FAITHIFY communications (pledge notifications/receipts, campaign updates, etc.)

  • If you already drafted a campaign in a personal account and want to change the FAITHIFY account associated with the project, contact us.

2. Connect to Stripe

Note: The Department of Treasury has new requirements for creating a Connected Stripe account. It is a lot of information to enter, but this information helps protect your backers by verifying your account is ready to receive funds after the campaign ends successfully. Here’s a list of the information you’ll need to gather before setting up a new Stripe account.

  • For Congregations/Organizations:
    • Legal name of Congregation/Organization, address, and phone number
    • EIN (Employer Identification Number) or Tax number
    • Industry type, Entity type (for example Religion, Congregation)
    • Bank account number where your money will be deposited
    • Website: Your organization/congregation page OR a website or social media page address about the project for which you are raising funds. Stripe support can help you with this if needed.
    • Description of the specific project or the general work of the congregation/organization
    • Estimated time project will happen (“delivery window”)
    • Account opener’s Name, Date of Birth, ZIP or SS Number, title in the congregation/organization, email address, phone number.  The Account Opener is the person who will be interacting with Faithify on behalf of the congregation/organization.
  • For Individuals
    • Bank account number where your money will be deposited
    • Entity Type, Industry type
    • Website: Stripe is obligated verify that your fundraiser is neither illegal or prohibited by their terms of service. If you don’t have a website or something on the web that shows what it is exactly you’re accepting money for, feel free to reach out to Stripe to provide alternate information: Stripe support
    • Estimated time project will happen (“delivery window”)
    • Legal name, Date of birth, Residential address, SSN, Email address, Phone number

Now you are ready to Connect!  From your FAITHIFY account Dashboard, you will be able to connect to our payment processor, Stripe, by using the “Creator Account” tab and clicking the “Connect with Stripe” button.


After clicking the “Connect with Stripe” button, a window will pop up and look one of two ways: If you are logged in to your Stripe account already, it will look like the left image below. If you are not logged in to your Stripe account OR have not yet created a Stripe account, it will look like the image on the right below:


If your window looks like the one on the right above, and you already have a Stripe account, sign in using your Stripe login credentials by clicking the “Sign In” link at the top right of the window that pops up.


Create a new Stripe account by following the directions on the screen using the information you gathered.

Once you have the option, click “Connect my Stripe Account” or  “Authorize access to this Account” to send a verification to the email address for your Stripe account. Once you allow Faithify to be connected, you should see a check mark in the Stripe button.

Now you’re connected to Stripe and ready to launch your campaign!

3. Connecting Your Bank Account

In order to receive the funds from your pledges, you’ll need to associate a bank account to your Stripe account for receiving payouts. You can update your bank account information for your Stripe account at any time by going to your Stripe dashboard from the Stripe website.

  • Note: Bank accounts must be located in the country where their currency is based–for example, USD banks accounts must be based in the United States. Check the Stripe website for information on non-US accounts.
  • Supported bank account types: A standard checking bank account with a financial institution must be provided. Other types of bank accounts (e.g., savings) or those with a virtual bank account provider (e.g., e-wallet or cross-border services) are not supported.


Read more information about Stripe and what happens when your successful campaign ends.