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Risking in Community

Uncertainty can feel really horrible. Uncertainty can feel invigorating. It depends on what is at risk, how grounded we feel in the moment, and what we have to lose.

Faithify Campaigns and COVID-19

In March, we created new policies to help our Faithify community weather the uncertainties of fundraising when everything is changing so quickly.

Project Update: FirstSteps Opens

Their first resident came to live at FirstSteps House just before Christmas.

Chalice Lighters &...

MidAmerica has a new way of supporting congregations with their Chalice Lighters program and Faithify.

Project Update: I...

"We will continue this important work, as we at the NH Bail and Bond fund believe that no one should stay in jail because they can’t afford bond."

Rough Waters Teach...

What lessons can come out of a "failed" crowdfunding campaign?

Demystifying Campaign Videos

New to video making? Read these tips to boost your campaign's success and add this lively element to your Faithify campaign page.

The Basics on...

How do you honor the backer connection and help it grow even stronger?

Youth Captures: Our...

Coming of Age in the Eye of Michael art exhibit and legislative efforts.

The Basics on Backers

Backers: Who are they and how many do you need for a successful campaign?

Going to #UUAGA?

Faithify has a proven record of helping people get to UUA General Assembly. Here's 7 tips to Faithify your GA...

Rev. James Reeb...

A fantastic interfaith and community collaboration!