UUs Carry the Flame through the Prison Walls

UUs Carry the Flame through the Prison Walls

Crowdfunding Completed: August 8, 2014

Amount Funded: $8480

Project Owner: Church of the Larger Fellowship

Short Description of Project

Help us #carrytheflame through prison walls! Prisoners are crying out for the UU message and with your help we can deliver - it costs $100 simply to send them the UU World and our CLF Quest Magazine, but we strive to give them much more!

How was this project connected to UU?

The Church of the Larger Fellowship is an official congregation and member of the Unitarian Universalist Association. Our mission is to build a global spiritual community, rooted in profound love that cultivates wonder, imagination and the courage to act. As Unitarian Universalists, we carry the flame of love, burning bright, for all who yearn for its warmth and light. With almost 3,500 members (nearly 600 of whom are incarcerated), CLF is a unique community of individuals, committed to deepening their understanding and exploration of UU theology and connecting spiritually in the world virtual and otherwise. This specific project is directly connected to the UUA’s 2005 Criminal Justice and Prison Reform Statement of Conscience which calls upon UUs to take action toward prison reform and to reach out to those directly impacted both within our congregations and those outside of it. Our letter writing ministry includes many people who are both CLF members and members of other congregations and is just one of the ways we support the Criminal Justice and Prison Reform Statement of Conscience.
We share the saving message of universal love with every person who needs it, where ever they are.

Full Description of Project

We are excited that CLF membership in prisons is growing. And we need your support to meet the needs of our burgeoning membership!

Most of our 600 incarcerated CLF members found UUism behind bars. We are reaching out to prisoners through correspondence the Quest magazine, UU World magazine, letters from pen-pals, classes and books by mail, and of course the loving care and stewardship of Chaplain Pat. In all these ways we share the hope, love, and compassion of Unitarian Universalism through prison walls and with those who need it most. The cost to send all these materials and reach out to the prisoners is about $200 per person for one year. We often get letters from prisoners, like this one from Jacob, reminding us how important it is that we keep growing this ministry.

We need your help. The CLF prison ministry is truly a labor of love done almost exclusively via mail and nearly all by Chaplain Pat. Postage has only gone up over the years, and ministering to 600 prisoners on your own is hard work.

Jacob prisoner quote

Your contribution of $100 is urgently needed to help meet the rapidly expanding needs of this burgeoning population of CLF prison members and to help Chaplain Pat! In 2002, we had just 49 members in prison. As of June 2014, just over a decade later, we have nearly 600 members in prison.

Your contribution makes a big difference to the prisoners:
"As a transgender prisoner, serving a life without parole sentence, I need all of the spiritual help and encouragement I can get...In UUism and at the CLF I have been welcomed and accepted. You have truly enriched my life. I would encourage all UU members to find a way to support or become involved in the UU's prison ministry." - Donna, CLF member since 2003.
Your gift of $100 will reach one more prisoner through the mail. One prisoner donated his entire paycheck to us one month, in the amount of $14.30. Without your generosity, we simply cannot afford to keep reaching through the prison bars. Help us continue to carry the flame of UU love and generosity to those who are incarcerated, affirming their inherent worth and dignity.

Please note that all contributions to this project are tax-deductible, and you will receive your receipt from the Church of the Larger Fellowship. (See more at: https://www.faithify.org/campaigns/uus-carry-flame-prison-walls/#sthash.0bvpSbKa.dpuf) With your contribution, you will receive a thank you perk from the following options:

I carry the Flame window decal Carry the Flame bumper sticker CLF Travel Mug CLF mug CLF Cow TeddyBear

(See the perks section for more details!)