The Ordination of Carol Thomas Cissel

the Ordination of Carol Thomas Cissel

Crowdfunding Completed: April 18, 2015

Amount Funded: $2625

Project Owner: The Unitarian Society, a Unitarian Universalist Congregation

Short Description of Project

On April 18, 2015 -- Carol Thomas Cissel will be ordained to the Unitarian Universalist ministry, by The Unitarian Society in East Brunswick, New Jersey

How was this project connected to UU?

"I love that in the Unitarian Universalist tradition, Ordination is both a service and a a sacred way of joining congregations and ministers in the context of shared ministry". This irrevocable act, is a moment that happens only once in a UU minister’s lifetime. On April 18, 2015 surrounded by family, friends, loved ones and ministerial colleagues ... and held by the TUS congregation, Carol will be Ordained into the Unitarian Universalist ministry. There will be music, beautiful words, singing, laughter, prayers and tears. This day will mark her commitment to her chosen faith and her willing entry into a life of service. It will freely and openly recognize her profound desire to be a leader in Unitarian Universalism, and acknowledge The Unitarian Society’s belief in my ministry. There are many steps on a minister’s pathway to ordination. Carol’s journey has been shared with and touched by individuals, ministers and mentors in both UU and MCC congregations - in Maryland, Washington DC, California, Washington, Oklahoma and New Jersey. It has included theological and religious studies at Wesley Theological Seminary, within The Graduate Theological Union and at Starr King School for the Ministry. Her academic studies ended with her earning a Master of Divinity degree from Pacific School of Religion. Internships, CPE and ministry service to large, medium and small congregations have also been steps along her journey. Ordination is a fundamental way that UU Ministry and UU Congregations come together. As Carol says," I know that being ordained by The Unitarian Society will join me to this spiritual collective. And, as my ministry grows and changes, wherever it may take me, I will always carry the love, hope and faith of TUS deep within my heart. I am blessed”.
Our religion, Unitarian Universalism, is grounded in congregational polity. A beautiful example of this, is that our ministers are held, lifted up and ordained by a congregation. UU communities believe that they are equipped to decide the suitability of an individual for UU ministry. Our history and polity supports this idea and congregations take it seriously. Unitarian Universalism, my chosen faith, asks for commitments from the Ordinand, and the ordaining body. Together we will publicity acknowledge our belief in UU Purposes and Principles, and my desire to accompany others as they discover and claim their spiritual place in the world.

Full Description of Project

On April 18, 2015 @ 3:00 pm, Carol Thomas Cissel will be ordained to the Unitarian Universalist ministry, by The Unitarian Society, a Unitarian Universalist congregation.


Carol is currently serving TUS as their Intentional Interim Minister. She finds joy in just about every aspect of parish ministry, but is especially interested in helping the marginalized in her community, Preaching ("...for me a sermon is a conversation between the pulpit and those in the pews...") and hands-on Pastoral Care. "UU ministry is my calling. It brings my mind, body, heart, spirit and desire to serve others together. The opportunity to be in relationship with the people who support and love TUS...who have found a home in this liberal religious collective...and who gain spiritual sustenance from the projects, programming and individuals that are part of our community here in East wonderful".

Your donations will help fund nearly every part of the April 18th event (food, beverages, flowers etc). Carol's journey to this day has included working with congregations in Washington, California, Washington DC and Oklahoma. She hopes to have the ministers who have helped shape her ministry, participate in the worship and ritual of this event. Your support will also help with some of the travel costs for her Mentors and TM's (Teaching Ministers). "An ordination only happens once...and so many have been a part of my story ... my journey ... I hope that they can be at my side on this day too."

Thanks in advance for supporting Carol and her growing UU ministry on this deeply meaningful day!