The (Next) Lucy Stone Cooperative!

The (Next) Lucy Stone Cooperative!

Crowdfunding Completed: August 23, 2014

Amount Funded: $11358

Project Owner: Unitarian Universalist Community Cooperatives

Short Description of Project

The Lucy Stone Co-op has been providing an intentional, multigenerational affordable housing grounded in Unitarian Universalist values and tradition since 2010. Now, it’s time for The (Next) Lucy Stone Co-op!

How was this project connected to UU?

UUCC and it's houses are thrilled to be in many mutual and covenantal relationships with UU individuals and UU organizations. UU religious leaders serve on our board and live in the house, the generosity of spirit and pocketbook of the UUs are the backbone of our financing, youth groups regularly stop by Lucy Stone on pilgrimage trips to Boston to join their voices in song and share their answers to one of our core questions, "How do we now that we're UU, not just on Sundays, but seven days a week?" We've been written up in the UU world and lifted up by UU movers and shakers as an example of the "beyond" in "congregations and beyond". We continue to learn with our fellow journeyers about all the many ways this faith can claim and transform us.
Here at UUCC we are grounded in the values and tradition of Unitarian Universalism. We claim Unitarian Universalism as a saving faith, a rich, spirit-nourishing tradition that offers fuel for the work of justice and call us to that great practice of covenant. Although our members have many different faith backgrounds and affiliations, as a community we have affirmed the following UU Principles, Sources, and The Five Smooth Stones, as well as our shared grounding which we wrote to help articulate why it is that we are doing what we are doing. From the chalice chimney on our logo to the songs we sing on Sunday night, we claim Unitarian Universalism, and we believe that a faith as theologically diverse as ours needs institutions just as diverse. We’re striving to serve that need, living Unitarian Universalism seven days a week.

Full Description of Project

Dear Friends in Faith,
It’s time! Four years after the founding of Unitarian Universalist Community Cooperatives (UUCC) and opening the doors of the Lucy Stone Cooperative, the UUCC members and board are deep into the good work of making the dream of second house into a reality.

We had originally hoped to raise $10,000 on Faithify. We are so excited and grateful to have already met our goal! We know that one of our greatest resources and inspirations is our wider community, which is why we are expanding our goal in the last 50 days of this campaign to reach 100 funders.
If you have ever considered donating to UUCC, now is the time! Every dollar donated is a dollar that we don’t have to pay interest on, making UUCC even more financially sustainable and helping us to expand affordable, intentional community based in Unitarian Universalist values and traditions.
Since 2010, the residents of the Lucy Stone Co-op have worked to live our values in the daily decisions of where we buy our food, how we share our meals, hosting events for neighbors, family, friends, and fellow activists, and through our democratic decision-making. The world-as-it-is doesn’t always allow us to live our values as faithfully28 Moreland 6_2014 as we would like. Living cooperatively is a way to go deeper into our faith and to do together what we cannot do alone. Through shared resources and intentional community we can align our daily lives with our Unitarian Universalist values . For a glimpse into life at the Lucy Stone Co-op, watch the video above, created by the late photojournalist and friend of Lucy Stone, Christopher Weigl.

In the last two years, we’ve had over sixty people apply for the five rooms that have become available at the Lucy Stone Co-op, showing us that there is a yearning for this type of intentional spiridexter-singingtual community, and affirming our belief that this model can be replicated well. Our board of directors has moved toward that goal by strengthening infrastructure, organizing supporters, and visioning and strategizing for the founding of a second UUCC community.

Today, we are reaching out to you to ask for your support. We are seeking donations to go toward the down payment for a second intentional community owned by UUCC, grounded in the values and tradition of Unitarian Universalism. Our model depends on community financial support.
Together, we create affordable housing for those not served by the mainstream housing market - elders, single people, students, activists - as well as people who want to live more lightly on this earth, more connected to those around them, and more grounded in our UU values.

The Lucy Stone Cooperative is a new model of Unitarian Universalist community that has sparked the imagination of our denomination and the cooperative community. By expanding to a second community we are moving beyond a single house to what we dream will become a movement of Unitarian Universalist intentional living communities.

22172_296488089691_5144367_nWhether you're living at a UUCC house, sharing a meal at Sunday Night Singing, donating money or skill, making a values-based investment, offering prayers, cheering us on or helping share our story, we're so excited to live this faith together!

Yours in cooperation and crowdfunding,

The Members, Directors, Friends of UUCC

P.S. We bet you have questions! Here are a few answers. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have more. Click around our website or email us at

Q: How much will the new house be like the Lucy Stone Cooperative?
A: All UUCC houses live the values of sustainability, spiritual practice and social change and are grounded in the values and tradition of Unitarian Universalism. The new house will practice those values in shared, communal ways - exactly what those looks like will be shaped by those who live there!

Q: Umm… you know you can’t buy a house with $10,000, right?
A: Yes! We do, alas. The $10,000 we raise on Faithify will be matched by UUCC. That total $20,000 in cash will be the down payment for the next house. In addition, UUCC will take out a mortgage with the Cooperative Loan Fund of New England (the co-op fund that holds the Lucy Stone Cooperative's mortgage). That mortgage will be joined by thousands of dollars of community investments made by people like you and me and organizations like congregations. These low-interest community loans, along with your donations, are the financial foundation that make the purchase of a new house possible. It is a way for UUs, co-opers and mission-based organizations to live their values by investing in faith-based affordable housing.

Q: Wait! I don’t want to just donate, can I help start the next house?
A: Awesome! We are accepting applications for New England-based core team members through July 15th.