Support UUA Observers to UN Climate Change Summit

Support UUA Observers to UN Climate Change Summit

Crowdfunding Completed: November 4, 2016

Amount Funded: $6824

Project Owner: Commit2Respond - UU Ministry for Earth

Short Description of Project

Support our official Observer delegation's journey to Marrakesh, Morocco to represent Unitarian Universalism at the global Interfaith level, and to advocate for justice at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference (COP22), November 7-18, 2016.

How was this project connected to UU?

The COP22 Observer delegation is working directly with the UU-United Nations Office of the UUA, the UU Ministry for Earth, the UU Service Committee & UU Young Adults for Climate Justice (all sponsoring organizations of the Commit2Respond climate justice initiative) to advocate for climate justice as representatives of our faith community.
This effort strengthens UU faith advocacy on the global, Interfaith level. Our observer team comes together from across numerous generations, economic standings, and geographical areas --- members of numerous UU congregations and advocacy organizations across the USA.

Full Description of Project

In November, world leaders are meeting in Morocco to deliberate the implementation of the historic United Nations Paris Climate Agreement to keep climate change below a global average of 1.5 degrees Celsius. The Paris Agreement will impact front-line communities of climate change, the security and resilience of present and future generations, and the health of the Earth's life-cycles and plant and animal kingdoms.

Unitarian Universalists are steadfast advocates for climate equity and justice as part of a global, Interfaith movement. Alongside other faith traditions, we can make a difference by attending the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change - 22nd Conference of the Parties (COP22) as a moral voice for bold and just climate action.

As of this month, atmospheric CO2 levels are now staying upwards of 400 parts per million, year-round --- a major sign that we are nearing the tipping point of disastrous, run-away climate change. We must maintain vigilance and pressure on world leaders for building a transition to a just and sustainable society in harmony with our natural world. Please support the Unitarian Universalist Association observer delegation to do this important advocacy by donating generously to this campaign. Meet the team:

Salote Soqo --- Salote leads the implementation of UU Service Committee’s environmental justice and climate action program. As Senior Program Leader, she works to identify, develop and evaluate a new human rights portfolio focused on environmental issues affecting vulnerable individuals and communities, with special emphasis on resource rights such as the human right to water and food sovereignty. The UUSC will be sponsoring Salote's journey to Morocco -- all donations will go to support other members of the delegation.

Paula Pebsworth --- Paula is a member of the First UU Church of San Antonio. She is a primatologist who studies how animals maintain their health in the wild and is currently studying chimpanzees in Uganda. Paula is a wife and a mother to two amazing teens. She is passionate about sustainable living and wildlife conservation.

Yana Smith --- Yana grew up in Anchorage UU Fellowship. She was an active leader in her youth group, hosting retreats, worships and attending Goldmine Youth Leadership School. She is currently studying environmental science at Franklin University Switzerland in Lugano and looks forward to combining her faith with her field of study.

Thomas Fletcher --- Thomas has been a member of the Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Durham, North Carolina since 2010. He serves as co-moderator for the Justice Ministry and previously facilitated the Earth Justice Ministry. Thomas is an educator - a former high school teacher, he now works as a learning specialist with youth who are experiencing challenges in school and as a community educator in a program that combines environmental literacy and green worker readiness. Prior to going into education Thomas worked in NEPA compliance.

Martha Clemons --- Martha is a retired teacher with a Biology/Ecology background. As a member of the UU Fellowship of Corvallis Climate Justice Committee, and a member of, she has been actively involved in many local and national rallies, demonstrations and hearings for proposed fossil fuel export facilities. Martha is very passionate about working to fight climate change.

Shelby Meyerhoff --- Shelby is a climate activist and a longtime Unitarian Universalist. She has served as a communications staff member at the Unitarian Universalist Association, the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, and Conservation Law Foundation. At each of these organizations, she promoted initiatives to address climate change and other environmental justice issues. Shelby holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard College in the comparative study of religion and a Master of Divinity degree from Harvard Divinity School.

Doris Marlin --- Doris is a UU climate activist who organized for passing the "Act for a Living Climate" Action of Immediate Witness at the UUA General Assembly in 2015. She also represented the Unitarian Universalist Association in Paris last year at the UNFCCC COP21. Doris has a professional and academic background in Water Resource Management. She advocates for climate action with the Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice in the National Capital Region (UUSJ) and with her congregation, the All Souls Church, Unitarian.

Catherine Boyle --- Catherine is a current student at Meadville Lombard Theological School. She serves as an intern minister at First Unitarian Universalist Church of Richmond in Virginia. Ecological justice and the Seventh Principle are prime drivers of her ministry.

Daphne Wysham --- Daphne has followed climate negotiations since 1997 as a fellow with the Institute for Policy Studies; she now directs the climate policy work at Center for Sustainable Economy. She is currently working with elected officials in the U.S. and Canada around a platform for no new fossil fuel infrastructure and a just transition to 100 percent renewable energy.
All donations are tax deductible, and will go directly towards financially supporting volunteer members of our delegation. The UU Ministry for Earth will receive and redistribute the funds, according to need. If you can't afford to donate at this time, here are some other ways that your support can make an impact:

1. Share this page and information about this journey with your UU communities and social network;
2. Tune in to a meeting with the delegation, hosted by the UU-UNO Climate Action Teams & Commit2Respond campaign on Wednesday, October 12th at 8PM Eastern, to learn more about the COP22 and how to amplify our witness and advocacy. RSVP at:
3. Write us a short project endorsement statement to include in the section below.
4. Stay tuned for more news!

Thank you so much for your support!