Send a Committed Chorister to the UUMN Conference!

Send a Committed Chorister to the UUMN Conference!

Crowdfunding Completed: April 3, 2018

Amount Funded: $1036

Project Owner: Aisha Cruse

Short Description of Project

Help a young congregational leader cover costs of attending this year's UUMN conference in Portland, OR.

How was this project connected to UU?

I am passionate about building a vibrant congregational choir and encouraging our musically inclined congregants to share their gifts. The choir at First Parish in Malden continues to be major draw for new members, and a core component of building our community. Right now, our music director runs rehearsal every single Saturday, and the few times they have been unable to attend, we've had to cancel rehearsal. Attending this conference is a step on the path to developing musical leadership skills to share with the choir and the congregation, so we can make our choir self-directed and self-sustaining, while also fostering a connection to the larger UU community

Full Description of Project

My name is Aisha Cruse, and I am the current chair of the Worship Committee at the First Parish in Malden Universalist Church and a dedicated Chorister. Our current Music Director is also my good friend, and since they attended the conference last year, they have insisted that I (and our growing choir) would greatly benefit from going with them this year. Unfortunately, cross-country travel can be cost prohibitive, and I can’t make the trip without support.

Here’s the breakdown of what $1,000 covers:

conference registration fees: $375
round trip flights: $400
accommodations for 5 nights: $225
I’m excited for this opportunity to expand my horizons, connect with other UU musicians and congregations, and bring more knowledge and new energy back to my own church and choir.