Raising Money for Cambridge Sanctuary Work

Raising Money for Cambridge Sanctuary Work

Crowdfunding Completed: September 25, 2017

Amount Funded: $5946

Project Owner: Cambridge Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition

Short Description of Project

It's time to replenish our funds to support our family in Sanctuary, and support the work of some of our key leaders.

How was this project connected to UU?

This is a time of particular difficulty and uncertainty for undocumented people and their families. With such cruel immigration enforcement policies, people of faith and values are called to uphold the inherent worth and dignity of all people by opposing the immigration system and supporting undocumented people. Our congregations have resources to share with people who are being threatened, ad we want to make good on our commitments to support this family who we have come to know. 

Additionally, Gaby and Nestor are guiding the Cambridge Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition and other sanctuary networks to support undocumented people in a way that centers their dignity and agency in telling their own stories and confronting unjust policies. These values have been reflected in the compassionate way they help the sanctuary guest interact the media and legal team. Gaby and Nestor have also helped coalition members to volunteer and make decisions more empathetically, honoring the value and expertise of undocumented people. Their contributions will help other networks of congregations work according to values we treasure and uphold as people of faith and values.

Full Description of Project

Since May, the Cambridge Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition (CISC), made up of 10 congregations and communities across the faith spectrum, have committed to live out our faith/ethical values by accompanying a woman at risk of deportation. Hundreds of volunteers, rooted in shared values, have stood with this family against unjust laws, as they fight the threat of a deportation that would separate a woman from her two daughters. It is time to replenish our funds to support these two daughters – so they may continue to be together with their mother; we need to buy food, pay utilities and other necessary things. It is time to replenish our funds to support the family - to buy food, pay for utilities and other necessary things.

Additionally, we need funds to support two of our key leaders and organizers, Gaby Chavez and Nestor Pimienta, who have been working full-time as unpaid volunteers to support our work (as well as other coalitions of congregations in Eastern MA). Their work allows our congregations to walk the journey with our sanctuary family with respect and dignity, following the choices and the lead of the person(s) in sanctuary.

You can read more about the Coalition's important Sanctuary work here, as well as Gaby and Nestor's work in this Boston Globe article. 

List of CISC Congregations/Communities:

Cambridge Minyan
Congregation Eitz Chayim
First Church Cambridge
First Parish in Cambridge
Friends Meeting at Cambridge
Harvard Divinity School Student Led Interfaith and Secular Coalition (SLIC)
Harvard-Epworth United Methodist Church
Old Cambridge Baptist Church (OCBC)
St. James’s Episcopal Church
University Lutheran Church