Race Dance

Race Dance

Crowdfunding Completed: October 17, 2015

Amount Funded: $3100

Project Owner: First Parish in Concord, MA

Short Description of Project

Join us as we break through barriers with personal storytelling, song, stillness, movement and awareness. Let us learn together how to stay in the dance of addressing racism and take action in new ways, October 2 & 3 in Cambridge and Roxbury, MA.

How was this project connected to UU?

We say “Black Lives Matter” and we mean it. But to live it, we must learn ways of being together that honor and celebrate both our differences and our common experiences. Our UUA calls us to this as a ministry and a way of life: “Every person has value as a member of the human family. The suffering caused by racism must be ended if we want to create fair and loving communities. We work to end racial discrimination and injustice, starting within ourselves and moving out into the world around us. We support multiracial, multiethnic congregations and advocate for stopping racist policies like mass imprisonment and attacks on voting rights. Our multicultural ministries will continue until there is peace, liberty, and justice for all” (UUA website).
As Unitarian Universalists, we share a covenant that includes Seven Principles. Race Dances uses embodied forms to help us (humans, not only Unitarian Universalists) discover, explore, and embody these principles: worth and dignity, justice equity and compassion, acceptance of one another, free and responsible search for truth, the democratic process, and respect for the interdependent web of which we are ALL a part! Race Dances is, literally, an embodiment of our Principles.

Full Description of Project

Race Dances is an embodied program for people aged 12 & older of all races, classes, skills and abilities. We will explore personally meaningful questions and experiences regarding race, racism and social action.

Workshop leaders, Soyinka Rahim and Cynthia Winton-Henry use the creative, easy tools of InterPlay to help participants discover and understand their own experiences related to race and racism, strengthen ties to a larger community, and find the inner authority to act, so that each may learn to elevate and celebrate a vast array of human experiences.

"People of color experience big and small aggressions every day, including unspoken - and often unconscious - discounting of their experiences and perspectives. Well intentioned people say and do things hurtful to others. More and more of us share deep dismay at ways that leaders and communities unconsciously reinforce inequality and miss the mark as spiritual people." (CW-H)

The Race Dance Project will be offered on Friday night October 2 at First Parish Cambridge in Harvard Square and all day Saturday at the UU Urban Ministry in Roxbury, MA. All are welcome regardless of ability to pay and this fundraising supports this open door policy.

How Can YOU help? Mostly, give what you can, but here are some ideas:

Extend a hand - $35-50 allows someone to attend Friday evening

Extend an arm - $150 allows someone to attend both Friday and Saturday

Two arms full - $350 gives 3 people full attendance and dinner

Abundant HUGS - $500 buys a wonderful Caribbean dinner for 24 workshop attendees!