• UUs Carry the Flame through the Prison Walls
    Crowdfunding Completed: 08/08/2014
    Amount Funded: $8480
    Posted by: Church of the Larger Fellowship

    Help us #carrytheflame through prison walls! Prisoners are crying out for the UU message and with your help we can deliver - it costs $100 simply to send them the UU World and our CLF Quest Magazine, but we strive to give them much more!

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  • Let It Rain! Rain Catchment Learning Project
    Crowdfunding Completed: 07/24/2014
    Amount Funded: $5035
    Posted by: Throop UU Church

    A multi-phase rainwater harvesting system that will inspire and educate the local community and help preserve natural water supplies in Southern California.

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  • Partnering for Housing and Hope: Hartland to New Haven Youth Mission Trip
    Crowdfunding Completed: 07/24/2014
    Amount Funded: $400
    Posted by: Hartland Churches Youth Group/First Universalist Society of Hartland, VT

    Youth and adult volunteers from the First Universalist Society of Hartland, VT and the First Congregational Church of Hartland, VT travel each year to New Haven, CT, where we partner with three local agencies to work to support housing, community development, and social services networks.

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  • Multicultural Entrepreneurial Ministry
    Crowdfunding Completed: 07/09/2014
    Amount Funded: $0
    Posted by: The Sanctuaries, DC

    Seize our multicultural future by supporting and learning from the next generation of leaders.

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