Ordination of Emily DeTar Birt

Ordination of Emily DeTar Birt

Crowdfunding Completed: March 30, 2018

Amount Funded: $2090

Project Owner: Unitarian Church of Staten Island

Short Description of Project

Help be part of the ordination of Emily DeTar Birt by the Unitarian Church of Staten Island on May 26th, 2018.

How was this project connected to UU?

How this project is claimed by Unitarian Universalism

Unitarian Universalist tradition, history and polity calls for a partnership between the ministry and laity, giving the ordination of a minister solely to the congregation. It is our privilege to ordain Emily as she completes this part of her journey through Unitarian Universalist Ministry.

How Unitarian Universalism claims this project

The Unitarian Church of Staten Island is currently being served and hired Emily as a consulting ministry. Now, as we ordain her, our relationship will continue as Emily serves our congregation and our Unitarian Universalist faith for the rest of her life.

Full Description of Project

On January 21st, 2018, the Unitarian Church of Staten Island voted to ordain their consulting minister, Emily DeTar Birt, into Unitarian Universalist ministry. On May 26th, 2018, a life long dream of ordination into Unitarian Universalist ministry is coming true! For this service to be possible, however, Emily and the Unitarian Church of Staten Island needs your support.

Your donation will help provide food, flowers, music, and more. We will gladly receive donations of any amount with great rejoicing and deep appreciation!

Just like the process of ministry, it takes a whole community to make events like this unique and meaningful. Emily DeTar Birt and the Unitarian Church of Staten Island are ever grateful for the generosity and support of the countless Unitarian Universalists, communities, and wider network of friends that help make events like this possible.

What is ordination?

Having completed all the requirements of preliminary fellowship as set forth by the Unitarian Universalist, ordination is the giving of the title of Reverend and the professional role and rights of ministry onto a qualifying candidate. In Unitarian Universalist faith, only a congregation of members can give this right to a qualified minister. An ordination is a service that celebrates the transition into the profession of ministry.

Emily DeTar Birt’s Journey Towards Ordination:

Ordination is not simply one day, but a mark of transition for a lifetime of support and encouragement towards ministry. Emily was born in Wickliffe, Ohio, and raised in East Shore Unitarian Universalist Church. She discovered a call to ministry at the age of fourteen, and has prepared for this journey of ministry ever since. So many different communities have helped shape her path to ministry along the way: In college, she interned with the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Wayne County and the school’s Interfaith Campus Ministries. After college, she volunteered as a chaplain intern for Breckenridge Retirement Facility. In seminary, she interned with Community Church of New York, the Unitarian Church of Summit (Beacon UU), the First Unitarian Church of Cleveland. After college, she served as the intern for the Unitarian Universalist Minister’s Association and the First Unitarian Society of Westchester. All of these communities and countless more have helped her journey into the call and promise of Unitarian Universalist ministry. The Unitarian Church of Staten Island and Emily are both excited for all that is to come in their service together.