Opening the Door to Our Future

Opening the Door to Our Future

Crowdfunding Completed: November 30, 2017

Amount Funded: $0

Project Owner: UU Church Saco Biddeford

Short Description of Project

The campaign will allow us to clear and cover a dirt floor under our parish hall which serves a meeting place for the members and many diverse groups.

How was this project connected to UU?

Without a comfortable and safe structure, it will become increasingly difficult for the UUCSB to continue its UU missions. The Parish Hall serves as a meeting place for many diverse groups:

The Maine winters are long and cold; as a first step, sealing the Parish Hall from the uncovered earth will help in making the hall a warmer place.

Full Description of Project

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Saco Biddeford (Maine) has roots in two churches – both formed in 1827 – on opposite sides of the Saco River. The current buildings date back to 1890. The Second Parish Unitarian Church was dedicated in Saco in Nov. of 1827. The initial members had split from the Congregational Church in Biddeford and founded the Second Parish Unitarian Church.

The meeting house was built on land offered by the city to schools and churches with the stipulation that these be built within two years and used as indicated in the initial application. The UUCSB now occupies the original meeting house and the Parish Hall which was built in 1867 under a similar arrangement with the City. The Second Parish Unitarian Church and the Universalist Church of Biddeford consolidated in 1964. Both have been and are currently members of their respective denominational associations – and the UUA since its inception.
Long regarded as the home of liberal thought and action in the community, The UUCSB is currently home to a hospice singer group, an aids testing service, a coven, Southern Maine Gay Men, various liberal political action groups, and an active food pantry cadre. We have recently adopted a section of the town park near our facility. We plan to keep this park “green”. Our congregational covenant expresses our action of faith and is in keeping with the Seven Principles of the UUA.
In the Summer of 2016, the Church (UUCSB) undertook a long-term project to repair, restore, and renovate our Church buildings. This will include the rebuilding the foundation of the Parish Hall, and the re-glazing and restoring the windows in the Sanctuary.