International UU Young Adults Gathering 2018

International UU Young Adults Gathering 2018

Crowdfunding Completed: October 9, 2017

Amount Funded: $6475

Project Owner: UU Partner Church Council

Short Description of Project

Your contributions will enable up to twenty young adults from around the world to attend the 2018 International Council of Unitarians and Universalists Conference in NE India.

How was this project connected to UU?

We believe our U/U faith will be strengthened across the globe by facilitating opportunities for U/U young adults from around the world to meet each other, develop connections, worship and work together in global partnership. U/Uism will continue to flourish far into the future if young adult U/Us have opportunities to connect with each other and with leaders of our global faith.

U/Us from around the world have been coming together at international gatherings for decades. Young adult U/Us have all too often been the missing element. The UUPCC, working collaboratively with the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries and the International Office at the UUA, is continuing the effort begun in 2016 to make sure that young adults are an important part  of international U/U gatherings.

Full Description of Project

Emma Wanjiru (front row right of photo above) is a young adult Unitarian from Kenya who attended the 2016 International Council of Unitarians and Universalists Conference and Council Meeting in the Netherlands. She wrote this about her experience:

“The warmth and love made me feel that I belong in this faith more than anywhere else. I had doubts whether I should take the ministerial path, but with advice and encouragement [at the conference], it’s a path that I’d love to take and be of service to my community back home. The ICUU conference in the Netherlands will always have a place in my heart and the connections made will forever burn. Thank you for giving us a voice.”

Generous Faithify donors teamed up with the UU Parnter Church Council (UUPCC) to help Emma and more than twenty other young adults attend the 2016 ICUU Conference.

The Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Council is again leading an effort to help young adults (ages from 18-35) attend the biennial ICUU Conference in Shillong, India in February 2018. We anticipate the young adult presence again enriching and transforming the ICUU conference, the individual lives of each young adult, and their congregations and national U/U organizations.
The costs of travel for many of the young adults who would like to participate in this year’s ICUU Conference is beyond their reach. Your contribution to this Faithify project will make travel possible for young adult U/Us from outside of North America to attend. Funding will be determined by an application process that includes endorsement from each applicant’s national U/U organization and an assessment of need.  Funding for young adults from North America is available from a different source.

Young adults at the 2018 ICUU Conference will participate in some separate sessions but will predominantly participate in and contribute to the work of the conference as a whole. They will lead panel discussions, share a diversity of experiences about what it’s like to be a young adult in U/U communities around the world, and lead a worship service. They will connect with one another and, like in 2016, create a community that is abiding and impactful through virtual connections following the conference. Direct experience with others of different cultures is a powerful, effective, and life-transforming way to stretch and develop a person’s view of themselves, others, their faith, and their world.

The theme of the ICUU Conference is “The Heart of Unitarianism/Universalism.”  Conference participants will explore together the multifaceted nature of our global faith and strive to better articulate what our shared faith is. Young adults have a great deal to contribute to this conversation.