Fund Hope: Sponsor a CLF Prison Member Today!

Fund Hope: Sponsor a CLF Prison Member Today!

Crowdfunding Completed: October 26, 2017

Amount Funded: $7640

Project Owner: Church of the Larger Fellowship

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The CLF Prison Ministry has experienced exponential growth in the last two years with over 800 members. Sponsor an incarcerated UU today!

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Members of the CLF Prison Ministry are members of the CLF.

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CLF incarcerated membership is rapidly growing, and this means that the cost to serve nearly 800 prison members has also increased. It costs the CLF about $150 per prison member to provide services and outreach, and we need the continued support of friends, members, and the community. Through CLF outreach, many individuals across the United States living in prison are hearing about Unitarian Universalism for the first time. Some learn about the UU message of acceptance and inclusivity through CLF outreach or from a friend, family, or a cell mate.

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Here is the story of what the CLF Prison Ministry has done for one such family:

My son made several unfortunate choices including drugs, transferring illegal items, and then fleeing the country to avoid prosecution.  Eventually he was extradited back to Ohio, and was fortunate in that Ohio prosecuted him and not the Federal Courts.  He accepted a plea bargain for five years, less time served.

As I am his only support person, I started looking for support for my son.  As a second generation UU, I called the local UU church and was referred to you.  You jumped on the case and put him through the class you require.  I thought it was rather funny as he is third generation, and grew up in the UU church taking all the RE classes.  My son, on the other hand, told me he learned more about the UU church and was glad to have done the course.

I believe he is becoming a man, but needs direction on moral and ethical decision making, and I hope your correspondence will help him deal with the trials and fears of prison while still growing as a person.

I don’t know if he has a UU connection with you as yet since the Ohio prison system has moved him so often.  He is finally at his parent prison, NCCI in Marion, Ohio.  He will soon be moved into a minimum security honor dorm and I can finally breathe a sigh of relief.  I know that having the connection with your prison ministry means a lot to him.  The Chaplain at the final prison even told Owen that he has had UU’s pass through before.  So I want to thank you for your concern, help and contact with my son.  It means the world to me and Owen.

When you support CLF, you are giving individuals like Owen a church home and spiritual grounding.

Your financial support of CLF Prison Ministry provides the following programming and services:

UU World
Quest Monthly
Worthy Now Prison Ministry Newsletters
Reading Materials from Skinner House and Beacon Press
New UU Class
Pen Pals
Tapestry of Faith RE Correspondence Classes
Your generous contributions also help the CLF Prison Ministry run its letter writing ministry, otherwise known as our pen pal program. This ministry provides one-on-one contact between UUs in the free-world (that is you and me) and one of our members living in prison. There about 300 of these letter writing partnerships and we have free-world letter writers living all over the world. Every year thousands of letters are forwarded through the CLF office in Boston to our members living in prison. This program is the heart of our ministry—it is the lifeline to many of our members.

It costs $150 to serve one incarcerated member for a year.
Your gift today ensures these UUs will continue to receive the life-saving message of Unitarian Universalism while incarcerated.
Every dollar you give today will be doubled! *
 CLF Incarcerated Members Interactive Map
The CLF Prison Ministry serves over 800 members currently incarcerated in 43 states in the U.S. Click the map to learn more.

* Thanks to the generous matching grant from the Veatch Program at Shelter Rock., every dollar given to this Faithify campaign will be matched.