Emergency Ministerial Internship Stipend

Emergency Ministerial Internship Stipend

Crowdfunding Completed: October 20, 2017

Amount Funded: $2555

Project Owner: Tapestry UU

Short Description of Project

Emergency Ministerial Internship Stipend for John Boom-Ramirez - (He has to switch internship sites half way through)

How was this project connected to UU?

In our worship and in our justice work, Unitarian Universalists espouse a commitment to economic justice. And still there remain profound economic barriers for passionate talented individuals to become ministers. To be ordained, the Ministerial Fellowship requires either one year of full-time internship or two years of part-time internship. Some of these internships pay a small living stipend; others pay nothing at all. Few in our society can afford the luxury of working without pay.

John comes to ministry from a working class background. Paying for seminary has been a struggle, but he has managed to make ends meet. With a child at home, John simply cannot afford to work in an unpaid internship. His family has already budgeted for the $800 monthly stipend that he was promised.

By helping Tapestry help John, your generosity will move our Unitarian Universalist faith toward our shared commitment to economic justice. It will also strengthen our shared ministry by empowering a talented and passionate person to follow his call.

Full Description of Project

Emergency Ministerial Internship stipend for John Boom-Ramirez

We seek to raise $2,500 to provide a living stipend for John Bloom-Ramirez to complete his Ministerial internship at Tapestry, A Unitarian Universalist Congregation.

John is a seminary student at Meadeville-Lombard Theological School. A key course for the school and for the path to ordination is an internship in a UU congregation. Meadville-Lombard’s internship program is a two-year half-time internship. John has already completed one year of his internship at First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles. Sadly, at the beginning of his second year of internship the congregation destabilized, the minister resigned, and the church is no longer a suitable learning environment. This turn of events leaves John without an internship or the living stipend he needs to support his family.

Tapestry UU is happy to bring John on board as an Intern Minister. However, since this internship is a surprise, there is no money in Tapestry’s budget to pay him the living stipend he had previously been promised. Tapestry will shift some money in the current annual budget, but still needs support from our wider UU community.

Please consider helping Tapestry help John to pursue his calling to the Unitarian Universalist ministry. By no fault of his own, John is been caught in a terrible educational and economic situation. By helping Tapestry help John, your generosity will move our Unitarian Universalist faith toward our shared commitment to economic justice.