Bring Bill Schultz to SE Florida

Bring Bill Schultz to SE Florida

Crowdfunding Completed: June 30, 2016

Amount Funded: $0

Project Owner: Southeast UU Cluster

Short Description of Project

The SE Florida Cluster is excited to bring Rev. Dr. Bill Schultz to Southeast Florida. He is uniquely qualified to talk about the future of Unitarian Universalism from his perspective as Past President of the UUA, the Past President of Amnesty International USA, and the current President and CEO of the UUSC. He will address “Where Are We Going? And How Do We Get There?” Over the past 35 years, Bill has led Unitarian Universalists to work toward a future living our Seven Principles.

How was this project connected to UU?

This event will strengthen our faith and encourage the participants to return to their congregations with plans to fortify and grow, deepening our practices and competence in building Beloved Community.
Rev. Dr. Schultz is one of the foremost leaders of Unitarian Universalism. All of our congregations are concerned about growth, of both our faith and our individual congregations. The project is about the future of Unitarian Universalism. The audience will hear Bill’s perspective about our UU future and how our congregations can make it happen.

Full Description of Project

Rev. Dr. Bill Schultz will be the highlight of our Annual Meeting on October 29, 2016, at the UU Miami Congregation. However, we need your help to bring him to Southeast Florida. We need $2,500 for honorarium and expenses. Registration fees of $15 will cover the cost of a continental breakfast and lunch. The registration fee will be waived for every $50 donor.

The Mission of the SE Florida UU Cluster is to provide connections and education to member congregations. We have two programs per year, one which focuses on a social justice issue and one which focuses on congregational governance. The upcoming retirement of Bill Schultz provides a unique opportunity for SE Florida. His distinctive leadership in both the UUA and UUSC, and also Amnesty International USA, makes him one of the foremost Unitarian Universalist leaders. He will address our UU future and how we can get there from his unique experience.

This program will be open not only SE Florida Cluster members, but also all who are interested in meeting and hearing Bill share with us. All congregational leaders are encouraged to attend.