Bring Back The Pamphlets! Fund a New UU History Podcast

Bring Back The Pamphlets! Fund a New UU History Podcast

Crowdfunding Completed: June 11, 2016

Amount Funded: $965

Project Owner: The Pamplet Podcast

Short Description of Project

The Pamphlet, a podcast uncovering the hidden parts of Unitarian Universalist history, is launching in June 2016. Become a part of UU History!

How was this project connected to UU?

The Pamphlet is also being supported by The UU House of Study at Methodist Theological School in Ohio and the Youth and Young Adult Office of the UUA.
The Pamphlet is hosted by two Unitarian Universalists, Sean Neil-Barron and Susan Ritchie, and explicitly explores UU history!

Full Description of Project

We reached our goal. Every donation beyond our goal helps us produce more podcasts!
Think History is Boring?
Ok so maybe your eyes glazed over in history class but this podcast is different. Each episode brings a hidden moment from our past that every UU should know.

The connection between Unitarians and Pirates (ARRRHH!!!)
How Communism and Unitarian Universalism Coexisted (or didn’t!)
Why Death will never be the same because of Unitarians
Stories of resistance by our Black UU Ancestors
And the REAL story, behind the flaming chalice (you thought you knew it but you were wrong!)
The Pamphlet is the brainchild of Rev. Dr. Susan Ritchie, our resident historian, and Sean Neil-Barron, our amateur UU history geek, who are sharing their love of history with the world in launching this bi-monthly podcasts.

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The Pamphlet is reclaiming hope and power from our histories, and will deliver them straight to your phone twice a month!
Podcast are one of the fastest growing forms of media and The Pamphlet will allow all Unitarian Universalists an easy and accessible way to learn about from our history. This free podcast will be easily subscribed to, be available free online to be used by any UU congregation or group. We also have some awesome rewards for our donors, so keep reading.

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What’s with the Name?
photo-1432821564371-9d3923cd1553With the proliferation of printing presses in the late 17th century, mass-produced pamphlets expressing pointed views on a controversial topics became the medium of choice for thinking through new ideas, engaging in public debate, and long before facebook, polarizing social networks. In 1815 Jedidiah Morse made his scurrilous attack on the liberal Congregationalists, in the form of a pamphlet, derogatorily entitled “we.” William Channing quickly responded with a witty pamphlet accusing Morse of Trinitarianism, and so the debate, and eventually, the denomination itself—hitherto unthinkable--began. Here at “The Pamphlet” we would like to re-initiate a lively public conversation of religion in a contemporary media. We speak ostensibly about our Unitarian, Universalist, and Unitarian Universalist pasts, but with the goal of imagining new futures.

Why should you fund it? (besides the awesome rewards below!)
By funding this podcast, you can help revivify our intellectual tradition in the form of spirited, contemporary conversations that are both historically accurate and immediately relevant to our personal and collective faith formation. How better to understand Unitarian Universalism than through some unexpected, humorous, and touching vignettes of our life together throughout time? Help us to be true stewards of our history--not through mere preservation—but through liberating its resources into contemporary form and life.

Why do we need the money?
Podcasts cost money! We may give them away for free but producing, hosting and promoting them online takes a bit of cash. Each episode costs about at minimum $150 to produce. Susan nor Sean or our contributors are making any money of producing this content, all the money will be put toward promotion and production.

What do I get?
Other than bragging rights to your friends and descendants that you are supporting the hippest new form of media: Podcasting, we have cooked up some pretty amazing rewards to thank you for contributing.

Amount Reward
Any Amount A Thank You Tweet
$5 A shout out on the podcast.
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A copy of our e-book Histories that Preach: Three Powerful Moments

$15 Emerson Ringtones and Alarms- Be woken up each morning with stirring quotes from Emerson's Divinity School Address. Ex. "Yourself a newborn bard of the Holy Ghost, but first you must get out of bed'
$20 The Pamphlet Prize Pack (Ringtones, E-Book, Thank You)
$50 Become a member of The Order for the Promulgation of the Pamphlet (our inner circle) and receive members-only invitation to periodic video conferences.
$150 Sponsor an Episode
$500 Pick an episode topic