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  • Ground Transport for Service & Learning Trip
    Crowdfunding Completed: 03/09/2017
    Amount Funded: $2100
    Posted by: First Parish (Old Ship) Hingham, MA

    We will visit Immokalee, Florida, through the UUCSJ, to serve and learn about farm workers' rights, fair food and environmental justice.

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  • Nicaragua: Spirit and Solidarity
    Crowdfunding Completed: 12/23/2016
    Amount Funded: $315
    Posted by: South Church Portsmouth, NH

    Members of South Church are traveling to Nicaragua to work, learn, and serve alongside the agriculture-focused feminist collective FEM.

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  • Help Black Lives Matters Organizers Stand Up with Standing Rock
    Crowdfunding Completed: 12/15/2016
    Amount Funded: $12320
    Posted by: BLM Global Network/ First Parish Cambridge

    "The Dakota Access Pipeline was rerouted through Standing Rock because Bismarck's residents feared it would poison their drinking water. The Sioux are literally being forced at gunpoint to accept ecological risks that North Dakota's white residents refused." - SunTzuFunTzu

    We have already sent small groups, but want to respect the indigenous camps and send our networks out in full force. This is why we need YOU! Please share this link to your networks to help us send a self-sustaining group of 15-25 trained organizers in non-violent direct action (medics, healers, body-workers, legal observers or security) to Standing Rock to stand in Solidarity.

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  • The Sanctuary Boston: Deepening Our Community
    Crowdfunding Completed: 11/28/2016
    Amount Funded: $5060
    Posted by: The Sanctuary Boston

    Thanks to a matching grant from The Woburn Fund, your generous gift will go twice as far to help The Sanctuary Boston expand! We believe that everyone deserves to experience beloved community, and we need your help to take our community building beyond worship and more fully into people’s lives. Faithify is an all-or-nothing funding site, so help us rise to the challenge of raising at least $5000 to grow our community!

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  • Nourishing Our Spirits with a Functional Kitchen
    Crowdfunding Completed: 11/10/2016
    Amount Funded: $2465
    Posted by: Unitarian Church of Marlborough and Hudson

    We are breathing life into the kitchen of our 155-year-old building to better serve our congregation and the wider community through our Spiritual Growth & Community Center programs. With a functional kitchen, we will be able to host our beloved coffee hour and potlucks with more efficiency, as well as support our public events including Red Tent women’s gatherings, Mooncircle Covenant Group, Free Sale, Bellies for Breasts fundraiser and our new dinner concert series.

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  • Ramping Up Arlington Street’s Prophetic Hospitality
    Crowdfunding Completed: 10/16/2016
    Amount Funded: $9267
    Posted by: Arlington St. Church

    Arlington Street Church is expanding access to our historic Boston sanctuary with the addition of a beautiful new ramp on the front of our iconic building. Please help us amplify our welcome to all who come to experience this very special place.

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  • Traces of the Trade, a Story of the Deep North – screening and dialogue toward Racial Justice
    Crowdfunding Completed: 10/06/2016
    Amount Funded: $0
    Posted by: First Parish Concord

    Bringing together the hard reality of our history of racial inequity with a chance for reflection, shared questioning and opportunities for healing, Traces of the Trade will present an Emmy award winning documentary. The screening will be followed by a facilitated dialogue.

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  • Send Caitlin to the N. Am. Permaculture Convergence!
    Crowdfunding Completed: 10/05/2016
    Amount Funded: $0
    Posted by: Caitlin Waddick

    I am a mother, an activist, an organizer, a permaculturalist, an environmental planner, and a third generation Unitarian Universalist living near Lake Champlain in Vermont. In the past decade, I have worked with women in permaculture, with racial and economic justice committees, and with food education.

    Last month, I was generously offered complementary registration to attend the North American Permaculture Convergence (NAPCII) in Hopland, California from September 14-18, 2016. I will join the “Women and Permaculture” Working Group, represent the Northeast Women in Permaculture Gathering (NEWIP) and connect our networks so that we might shape communities for the benefit of everyone in them.

    However, I still need to raise money to get to California and cover my expenses while I am there. I am just $700 away from achieving this goal in service to building Beloved Community.

    I will be able to achieve this goal with the help of my friends and "siblings” in organizing and activism. Any effort to help me participate at the convergence will be deeply appreciated.

    Please help spread the word!

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  • Let There Be Lights in Our Historic Chapel
    Crowdfunding Completed: 09/03/2016
    Amount Funded: $6050
    Posted by: Unitarian Universalist Society of Martha's Vineyard

    Our small congregation of 80 has raised over $45,000 for the electric infrastructure (wiring, outlets, etc.) and we need your help to buy the lights! This project will enable us to open our chapel to community for evening programs.

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  • Come One, Come ALL: Ramp Up Our Accessibility
    Crowdfunding Completed: 08/31/2016
    Amount Funded: $4825
    Posted by: First Universalist Church of Orange, MA

    Our 183-year-old church has no accessible entrance. We plan to change the grade of the front lawn to create an ADA compliant sidewalk leading to a new entry deck and door.

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  • Common Ground Center for Spiritual Practice
    Crowdfunding Completed: 08/06/2016
    Amount Funded: $0
    Posted by: Episcopal Church of St. Thomas, Taunton, Massachusetts

    Common Ground Center for Spiritual Practice is an interfaith collaboration providing education, ritual, contemplation and in-depth discussions on faith practices and modern society in troubled times.

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  • Deleading the Margaret Moseley Cooperative
    Crowdfunding Completed: 08/06/2016
    Amount Funded: $5021
    Posted by: UU Community Cooperatives

    The Margaret Moseley Cooperative is almost ready for move-in in August! Unitarian Universalist Community Cooperatives is so excited to be opening our second home, and we need your help to get it move-in ready for families with children under 6!

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