• Sitting With the Elders: A Journey of Service, Sustainability and Reconciliation
    Crowdfunding Completed: 03/27/2015
    Amount Funded: $10550
    Posted by: UU Church Arlington, VA

    Support middle and high school youth from the D.C. area as they embark on a journey of personal and spiritual discovery, service, relationship-building and reconciliation with the people of the Hopi and Navajo peoples in Arizona.

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  • Youth UU Heritage Pilgrimage
    Crowdfunding Completed: 03/14/2015
    Amount Funded: $5175
    Posted by: Westside Unitarian Church

    The Coming of Age Program is a program designed for high school aged youth to guide them as they navigate the UU belief system and empowers them to solidify their own beliefs. At the conclusion of the program, the youth hope to travel to Boston, the birthplace of Unitarian Universalism, to get comprehensive insight on their religious roots. They will travel to Walden Pond to ponder the mysteries of what inspired Thoreau, visit Harvard Divinity School and learn about Unitarian Universalism's role in our country's history, and see the famous Arlington Street Church.

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  • Chalice Sparx Family Camp
    Crowdfunding Completed: 11/06/2014
    Amount Funded: $0
    Posted by: Chalice Sparx

    Chalice Sparx is a week-long summer camp for Unitarian Universalist and other liberal religious families to connect, recharge, and experience the interdependent web of all existence. Donations to this project will go toward creating a scholarship fund which can reduce the cost of registration for families in need.

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  • UUnited Youth Ministry
    Crowdfunding Completed: 08/23/2014
    Amount Funded: $15820
    Posted by: First Parish Church in Taunton (and six other UU Churches)

    UUnited is a Regional Youth Group of seven local area congregations. Our goal is to inspire youth to shape their own and each other's values, provide service to others and create worship, all the while maintaining their UU identity and experiencing the awesome potential of love dwelling at the center of our faith. The money raised will be used to fund a Youth Group Coordinator who facilitates communication, administers the program and engages actively with youth to identify and develop effective and resonant leadership.

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  • Partnering for Housing and Hope: Hartland to New Haven Youth Mission Trip
    Crowdfunding Completed: 07/24/2014
    Amount Funded: $400
    Posted by: Hartland Churches Youth Group/First Universalist Society of Hartland, VT

    Youth and adult volunteers from the First Universalist Society of Hartland, VT and the First Congregational Church of Hartland, VT travel each year to New Haven, CT, where we partner with three local agencies to work to support housing, community development, and social services networks.

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