Activating Your Networks

Now the work begins! Posting your campaign on Faithify is only the first step.

Share your campaign

Spread the word! Share your campaign with your networks. Use #Faithify or tag @FaithifyUU so we can share your posts!

If you’re doing awesome outreach, funding for your campaign will come from an array of places – your congregation or organization, your friends and family, your social networks, and hopefully benevolent strangers. It’s totally on you to spread the word.

  • Email links to your Faithify campaign page to everyone you know, and specifically ask them to go to the Faithify site and support your campaign with shares, or funds.
  • Use every available social media platform to get the word out about your project:
    • Your Facebook page
    • Your congregation or community’s Facebook page
    • Your son’s Facebook page
    • Create a project Facebook page or event!
    • Instagram or Snapchat stories
    • Tweet away!


Faithify University

Enroll in FAITHIFY UNIVERSITY ( a free video course) to learn useful tips and important insights about running a successful campaign. Some helpful topics covered are:

  • Mapping Your Networks
  • Picking the Right Goal
  • Crafting Your Pitch
  • Getting the Word Out

Faithify News Articles

We have several articles on our Faithify News page that cover special topics for crowdfunding:

and more!


Fundraising Info

  • Facebook has an awesome guide for nonprofits who want to mobilize support. We recommend this guide for tips about how to tell your story, build support for your project, and extend your networks.
  • Millions of people have supported hundreds of thousands of crowdfunding projects. Take advantage of all that experience and learning by checking out tips and tricks from other crowdfunding sites. Our favorite is from Kickstarter: Kickstarter’s Creator Handbook