Can Faithify refund the money if a campaign is unable to fulfill?

No. Faithify doesn’t issue refunds as transactions are between backers and campaign owners directly. Campaign owners receive all funds soon after their campaign duration ends.

What should campaign owners do if they’re having problems completing their project?

If problems come up, campaign owners are expected to post a project update on their campaign page explaining the situation. Sharing the story, speed bumps and all, is crucial. Most backers support campaigns because they want to see something happen and they’d like to be a part of it. Creators who are honest and transparent will usually find funders to be understanding. If the problems are severe enough that the project owner can’t fulfill their project, campaign owners need to find a resolution. Steps could include offering refunds, detailing exactly how funds were used, and other actions to satisfy backers.

Who is responsible for completing a project as promised?

It’s the campaign owner’s responsibility to complete their project. Faithify does not guarantee projects or investigate a campaign owner’s ability to complete their project.

How do funders know if a project will follow through?

Backers should look for campaign owners who share a clear plan for how their project will be completed and who have a history of doing so. If a campaign owner has no demonstrable experience in doing something like their project or doesn’t share key information, backers should take that into consideration.