Most people who create Faithify campaigns are new to the world of online fundraising. While many of the principles of good stewardship and traditional fundraising apply to crowdfunding, there are some practices that specifically help online appeals reach their goals. Read on for 5 Characteristics of Successful Campaigns.

The key to reaching your goal is to Connect with Your Crowd. These are some tried and true tips:

  1. Campaigns with 30 day duration tend to do better than shorter or longer ones.  Promoting a fundraiser takes daily energy! You’ll be posting to social media platforms to remind your donors about the project and giving updates on how the fundraiser is going, and giving inspiring updates and fresh images several times during the length of the campaign. Keeping up that effort for more than a month can be a lot of work, so keep the duration manageable.
  2. 42% of funds are raised in the FIRST three and FINAL three days. Successful campaigns have energy, and good planning will ensure that energy is ready when you need it. Line up some donors to give in the beginning of the campaign, because studies show that once a campaign has donations, visitors to the page are more likely to join in and donate. Then at the end of the campaign, a fresh burst of donations can energize people to give the last few dollars needed to reach your goal.
  3. The average word count for a campaign description is 300 – 500 words. Keep it short! People spend less than a minute looking at your campaign page. Describe why your project is important and what need it serves in the very fist paragraph or two. If you can say it in a very short personal video- all the better! Campaigns with a short personal video raise 105% more than campaigns with no video. You can add more written information in the UU Connection section and add Updates later.
  4. Campaigns with a team behind them raise 38% more money. I mentioned above that promoting a campaign takes effort and time, so spread out that work with one or more teammates. Your combined creativity will result in better, more diverse messages and further reach.
  5. Use relevant  hashtags. A hashtag (#) will alert people who care about the topic of your project that you are posting a message about the topic. For instance, if I have a campaign to provide training for Our Whole Lives leaders, I can use #OWL , #OurWholeLives , or #SexualityEducation on my post. This will make my post get seen by everyone who tracks conversations about OWL and people who care about Sexuality Education. This gets your message in front of possible donors who are outside your known circle of friends. Be sure to set your privacy settings to Public, and because hashtags have no spaces in between words, use a capital letter for each word in the hashtag to be more accessible for screen readers.


As you can see, these 5 tips support the key message of a successful campaign: Connect with Your Crowd. People online are busy, with multiple demands on their attention. With your campaign, always keep the communication short, engaging, mission focused, and upbeat. Keep trying new ways to promote your project. Don’t be afraid to use humor, images, and video. Your campaign and promotions don’t have to be perfect. Just let your passion for  your project shine, and the people who share your values will want to help see it happen!

You’ll find other helpful information about how to create and run a Faithify campaign on our FAQ and How to Post a Campaign pages. You can always contact Faithify staff for help and cheerleading!


Next month…..we’ll look at Donors: Who are they, how many do you need, what motivates them, and how do you thank them?

5 thoughts on “5 Characteristics of Successful Campaigns

  1. Carol Thurman Ballance


    Just getting underway as chair of Pennsylvania’s SANs fundraising committee. This was helpful!

    1. Halcyon@Faithify


      Glad to help, Carol! Let me know if you have other questions or want to talk about a Faithify campaign.

    2. Reply

      Hi Carol! I”m glad to see you are using this. I am hoping to use it here in Dallas and wondered about how it works.

    1. Halcyon@Faithify


      Hi Linda- Glad this article was helpful. Please feel free to reach out with any questions- we are here to help!

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