We recently heard from Rev. Jennifer Hamlin-Navias, author of the successfully Faithify-ed project, “2019 Building Beloved Community Beyond the Binary” which raised $1545!   Here’s how the project is progressing:

“In February of 2019 my congregation, First Unitarian Universalist Society of Syracuse, was able to host our third annual (!) Building Beloved Community Beyond the Binary conference.

We had j mase iii and Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi as our keynote speakers.  About 120 people attended.  We offered great workshops such as:

  • I’m new to all this – Trans/Nonbinary/Gender Non-Conforming 101,
  • Being a Trans Ally,
  • Medical Interventions for TG/GNC people,
  • On Faith and the Criminalization of the Black Trans Body,
  • “Loving the Hell out of the World” a De-escalation Workshop,
  • Preemptive Radical Hospitality,
  • Creating a Welcoming Environment for Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Children,
  • Transgender Law & Policy,
  • Micro-agressions,
  • From there to here.. stories from parents of Trans Youth on their journey supporting their child’s transition

This is an amazing event that our congregation is able to put on and we would not be able to do it without the support of the Faithify community.  And we are moving this forward.  We have been working on creating a toolkit so that other UU congregations could put on their on Building Beloved Community Beyond the Binary conference.  We already starting to plan the 2020 conference – save the date February 8, 2020.”


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One thought on “Building Beloved Community Beyond the Binary

  1. Susan Holton First Parish in Bridgewater, MA


    What happened in February? Is a 2021 conference planned?
    I have a non-binary grandchild and I, my partner, and our UU non-binary grandchild’s UU parents all want to know more about all that you are doing.’ Yes, I’ll check out your website.


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