Featured Projects

Ordination of Kayla Parker

Join the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Charleston, WV in ordaining Kayla Parker to the Unitarian Universalist Ministry on April 14th!
$1,060 Funded
- 53% of $2,
6 Days Left

UU Youth UN Trip to Seminar on   Migration Crisis

Support UU Society of Bangor teens to participate in UU Youth UN project on migration crisis at Spring Seminar in NYC .
$330 Funded
- 110% of $3
1 Days Left

Campus Ministry Leadership Training Scholarships

Help enrich and expand UU campus ministry by funding scholarships for our Campus Ministry Leadership Training!
$375 Funded
- 75% of $5
14 Days Left

Send a Committed Chorister to the UUMN Conference!

Help a young congregational leader cover costs of attending this year's UUMN conference in Portland, OR.
$551 Funded
- 55% of $1,
12 Days Left

UBarU Youth Summer Camp Scholarships 

Youth Summer Camp Scholarship Fund at UBarU Camp & Retreat Center
$1,515 Funded
- 76% of $2,
8 Days Left

Ordination of Emily DeTar   Birt

Help be part of the ordination of Emily DeTar Birt by the Unitarian Church of Staten Island on May 26th, 2018.
$1,635 Funded
- 82% of $2,
8 Days Left

Help Stop Summer Learning Loss: CDF Freedom   School

For the past two years, All Souls hosted the only Children's Defense Fund Freedom School Program in Indiana. With your help we can do it again!
$4,495 Funded
- 60% of $7,5
12 Days Left

UNO Spring Seminar Youth   Trip

Support for Miami Valley UU Fellowship Youth to attend UU United Nations Office Intergenerational Seminar discussing refugees
$2,000 Funded
- 100% of $2,
0 Days Left

Make Sanctuary Possible in   Manchester, N.H.

STRETCH GOAL ADDED: $5,000 Help provide sanctuary for an individual (or family) in danger of deportation! Please help us get our church ready!
$4,373 Funded
- 109% of $4,
11 Days Left

Supporting Our Guest in   Sanctuary

STRETCH GOAL ADDED! On January 6, 2018, First Parish in Bedford welcomed into sanctuary a Central American woman in danger of imminent deportation. Help us support her!
$14,936 Funded
- 149% of $10,
0 Days Left

Honoring Rev. Jeffrey and Marguerite   Campbell

STRETCH GOAL - $4,500Erect a memorial for mid-century Black Universalist minister Jeffrey Campbell and Marguerite Campbell, Black Universalist lay leader
$3,095 Funded
- 124% of $2,5
0 Days Left

Send Community Church of Santa Monica Youth to United Nations UU Office Seminar 2018

Unitarian Universalist Commmunity Church of Santa Monica Youth to attend the UU United National Office Spring Seminar 2018 in New York
$5,700 Funded
- 100% of $5,7
2 Days Left

Fund Innovative Ministry:  CLF Learning Fellows

Help fund the future of our faith by supporting the innovative religious leadership development program at the Church of the Larger Fellowship.
$7,900 Funded
- 105% of $7,5
0 Days Left

Support Solar Power in Coal Country

Help us maximize the effectiveness of solar power array through energy-efficiency improvements to our historic, yet leaky, administrative building
$2,045 Funded
- 102% of $2,
12 Days Left

Help Filipina and Bolivian   Sisters Spark Change!

Today, women’s leadership and empowerment are vital. Help our Filipina and Bolivian sisters build their leadership skills and act to combat violence!
$6,072 Funded
- 121% of $5,
0 Days Left

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