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  • Project Update: Student Tech Connect

    The UU Congregation of the Lowcountry (Bluffton, SC) sends us an update on their successfully funded project, Student Tech Connect: Our Faithify campaign raised $4,100 for Student Tech Connect. These funds came from generous donations of UU Congregation of the Lowcountry (UUCL) members and friends, and from UU friends across the country. Hear inspiring stories […]

  • Virtual Worship Elements for UUA Congregations

    Hey, we get it- preparing virtual worship every week is hard! Please accept this gift for UUA congregations to help lighten the load. Here’s two paired elements, a “story” and a longer reflection, on the theme of Obstacles, Play, and Teamwork. Both elements were written and delivered by Credentialed Religious Educator and Faithify Project Manager, […]

  • The Joy (and Practice) of Obstacles

    What would it look like if teams were rooted in JOY, play, problem solving, and collaboration?

  • Project Update: Uptown Community Podcast

    Uptown Community Podcast shows off some of the tech they've purchased to reach out into the community!

  • Risking in Community

    Uncertainty can feel really horrible. Uncertainty can feel invigorating. It depends on what is at risk, how grounded we feel in the moment, and what we have to lose.

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